Scooter or a motorbike (motorcycle) is one of the cheapest and the most enjoyable way to visit Budapest!
We can help you out of where to go and what to see! We are the best scooter rental in the Buda side!

There will be no traffic jams becouse a scooter is the perfect anti-traffic weapon.
There'll be NO parking problems and fees either even at the most famous sights!
We are very close to the Buda Castle!
Please find the latest special offers on our facebook profile!
For companies: We suggest to rent our scooters for a team building event or program!

OUR SCOOTERS - SPORTY 50ccm -30% a semester (6month) discount for students! For more details please come to the moto shop!
(after the rental process if you made a facebook or google review)

Feed the Beast


The fastest badass in it's category (77 km/h) :D

Type - Yamaha YH50 WHY 50 2T (2004) permitted to one person. Fix 30l top box on it.

(salute to : Marshawn Lynch - NFL player and to the skittles...)

MJ Air Max


You would feel the air... and yes, it is blue but a SPECIAL - genuine - blue

Type - Aprilia Scarabeo STREET 50 2T (2006) permitted to one person. 25th anniversary edition (Rimini)

(salute to the best athlete in the XXth century: Michael Jordan - NBA player and to his biggest basketball "shoe deal")



This scooter is like it's eponym - a tough man!

Type - Aprilia Scarabeo STREET 50 2T (2008) permitted to one person. A full genuine Piaggio heart in inside.

(salute to: Marco Pantani the hero of Italy's cycling from 1998 by winning the Giro and after 33 years the Tour de France!)




198 ccm with the name of Zeus ... All the pizza or dispatch riders just could say AFTER you gone from the traffic light : OMG!

Type - Piaggio Liberty 200 LEADER 4T(2005)

Permitted to 2 persons (driver+passenger)

(salute to: God of the sky, thunder, law, order, and justice. You would ride happily with Hera on the passenger seat to Mount Olympus... It is up to you! ;) )


Day(s)SPORTY (50ccm)
-15% after a review (face/google/insta/tripadvisor)
GOD (100-200ccm)
8 hours€ 33€ 38
1€ 35€ 52
2€ 30€ 45
3-6€ 22€ 35
7 or more € 20€ 32
more than 2 weeks special offer at the shop special offer at the shop

All prices inc. taxes, a chain lock and the helmet(s).

Deposit for a SPORTY (50ccm) € 50, for a GOD (100-200ccm) € 100.

You can pay the deposit with PayPal after you’ve sent us your pre-order mail and got our confirmation mail. We suggest to make the online payment prior to arriving to the shop as sometimes the transfer needs 5 or more minutes. After the scooter return process we will transfer the deposit back to your PayPal account immediately. The transaction will be completed normally in a few hours but in 48 hours at the latest. If you have to cancel your reservation the deposit will be paid back as written above.

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Extras, fees

GPS - with bluetooth communication - rental: €5 (with easy steps to find Budapest's main attractions, available in ENG, GER, ESP, FRA)

Refilling the scooter with gas at the shop (if you won’t refill it back into full in a gas station) €30

Refilling the scooter with gas at any other address in budpest (if you forget to fill) €50 /outside Budapest is 2 EUR/km/

If you lose what you have rented (charged from the deposit):

  • the helmet: €55 EUR
  • the GPS €70 EUR
  • the lock: €42 EUR
  • the key of the mbike €25 will be fined.

We recommend CASH only for the renting prices (the deposit can be payed trough paypal!) (EUR, HUF) the maximum mileage in a rental day is 150 km, above it will be an extra 10 EUR/100km!

For the SPORTY (50ccm) type of scooters rental you’ll need to bring your: driving licence (min. the B type licence and 3 year experience!). If you choose a GOD mode (100-200ccm) we will ask at least an international type A1 driving licence with 3 year experience. Passport/ID card needed too. For other important information (traffic laws in Hungary, how to use the scooter, parking instructions etc. informations are on our scooters in a sticker)

Suggested road trip* -

*With easy steps to find Budapest's main attractions, available in ENG,GER,ESP,FRA = just rent a programmed GPS for it! The GPS will be fitted to the scooter in front of you and there is 10 main stops (attractions for example - Bazilika, Parliament, Hero's square, Buda Castle ...etc) saved in it.


Address: 1015 Budapest (1st district), Batthyany street 13.
Opening hours:
Mo-Fri : AM 10.15 - PM 18.45
Sat: AM 10.15 - PM 14.45
Sun: closed (dropping point availability : YES at 2nd district, Mechwart square)

Example to send and order (copy the table please to youre mail) and please check the "renting calendar" first:

Full Name


Passport #


Driving license #




E-mail address


Phone #


The name of the scooter what I want


Number of days


From - to (day/month/year: AM/PM hour)







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