Scooter is one of the cheapest and the most enjoyable way to visit Budapest!
Come and you'll get a scooter from active bikers! We are very close to the Buda Castle!

There will be no traffic jams becouse a scooter is the perfect anti-traffic weapon.
There'll be NO parking problems and fees either even at the most famous sights!

OUR SCOOTER - SPORTY 50ccm for ONE person
Driving licence needed: A, A1, A2, AM (moto) or B (car)!!!

MJ Air Max

50 ccm

Type - aprilia scarabeo street 2T MJ



OUR SCOOTERS - GOD MODE (driver+passenger)


125 ccm

Type - Honda SH 125i

driving licence needed: A, A2, A1 (moto)!!!


OUR MOTORBIKES - GOD MODE (driver+passenger)


782 ccm

Type - Honda VFR 800 VTEC

driving licence needed: A (moto)!!!


RENTAL PRICES / DAY(S) ONLY MORE THAN 3 DAYS IN THIS YEAR! from 03(march)/01 till 11(nov)/01

Days SPORTY (50ccm) for one person
(at least driving licence type B /car/ or AM)
GOD (125ccm) driver+passenger
(driving licence type A,A1 /motorbike/)
3-6 € 20 € 25
7-9 €18 € 22
more than 10days special offer , pls write an e-mail  
GOD (782ccm) driver+passenger
(driving licence type A only! (motorbike)
3-6 days : € 55
7-9 days € 50
more than 10days : special offer , pls write an e-mail

All prices inc. taxes, a chain lock and the helmet(s). 1 EUR = 400 HUF

Deposit for a SPORTY (50ccm) scooter = € 50, a GOD (125ccm) = € 100, a GOD (782ccm) = € 1000.


Extras, fees

Refilling the scooter with gas at the shop (if you won’t refill it back into full in a gas station) €30

Refilling the scooter with gas at any other address in Budapest (if you forget to fill) €50 /outside Budapest is 2 EUR/km/

If you late +1 rental day!!!

If you lose what you have rented (charged from the deposit):

  • the helmet: €55 EUR
  • the GPS €70 EUR
  • the lock: €42 EUR
  • the key of the mbike €25 will be fined.

We recommend CASH only for the renting prices (the deposit can be payed trough paypal!) (EUR, HUF) the maximum mileage in a rental day for a scooter 150 km, for a sport tourer motorbike 300km, above it will be an extra 1 EUR/10km!

For the SPORTY (50ccm) type of scooters rental you’ll need to bring your: driving licence (min. the B type licence and 3 year experience!). If you choose "GOD mode" we will ask at least an international type A2 driving licence with 3 year experience. Passport/ID card needed too. For other important information (traffic laws in Hungary, how to use the scooter, parking instructions etc. informations are on our scooters in a sticker)

Suggested road trip-



Address: 1027 Budapest (2nd district), Mechwart square. (dropping point )

Example to send and order (please copy/fill this table) and please check the "renting calendar" first:

Full Name


ID or Passport #


Driving license #




E-mail address


Phone #


The name of the scooter what I want


Number of days


From - to (day/month/year: AM/PM hour)








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